Our style is all about seeing your day unfold through our images. Call it reportage or documentary wedding photography, it’s all about storytelling. Honest, natural images with some creative touches thrown in.

We describe our style as creative, documentary wedding photography. Capturing your day in a documentary style is all about being ready; being everywhere, under chairs, rolling on the floor, cracking our knees to get back up again!! Natural moments come and go so quickly; tears of joy, spontaneous laughter, a cheeky kiss, a pause to catch your breath after a tequila shot – We’ll be ready for these unguarded moments that are bound to happen on your fabulous day.

Every wedding is unique, and yours will be a reflection of you as a couple. First things first, we love to get to know you well, so by the time we get to your wedding day, we want you to be completely at ease with us and excited to have us there sharing your day. We want you and your guests to trust us and feel comfortable having us around, seeing us as guests with cameras but knowing we’re the professionals.

IT’S PORTRAIT TIME! We want you to be as natural as possible, this is your time as the new Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, or Mrs & Mrs, it’s just the two of you together alone (almost!) for the first time on your wedding day. We can take a stroll, throw in some rock n roll, have some fun, hold each other in the sun, strike a pose and go nose to nose. Make it formal but not normal. We will create portraits that take you right back to how you were feeling in that moment. However you choose to be with each other we will capture it.

If you want wedding group shots we can do that too (but let’s not stay away from the party for too long,  we could be missing your guests misbehaving at the bar!) we can make them formal or outrageous, its your day. We can then go back to the party, so you can have fun while we do what we do best, to mingle and snap those moments.

For us, it’s all about being in the right place to capture a truly memorable image and being ready when the opportunity arrives.
We will be there, capturing all the love on the best day of your lives! 
Sometimes it’s the quiet moments that speak the loudest. 
A moment can be made more poignant by the scene in which it takes place, and we have to anticipate those moments, it’s about being ready.

We will capture honest, heartfelt images which show the care and love that goes into your day, from the all important vows, to the lovingly selected outfits and handmade touches. Have a look at our gallery below for more images.