Relaxed, Natural, story telling, documentary wedding photography




You’re planning a wedding, good times ahead with the best people, do you want fun, relaxed, story telling, documentary wedding photography. If that’s you then we think you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve found two wedding photographers that might just fit the bill. We’re a husband and wife team who will set out to photograph everything about your wedding day in our relaxed, natural, documentary style. Two people you can trust, but you can also hopefully have a laugh with, who make you feel like you’ve just added an extra couple to the guest list with cameras.  No cliches, no awards, just real, honest story telling, documentary photography.

Our style is all about seeing your day unfold through our style of images. Call it reportage or documentary, it’s all about storytelling, natural, fun, people focused wedding photography with some creative touches thrown in.

But we don’t want all that posing and loads of formal stuff”

Phew, us neither… when it comes to your portraits, we want you to feel as natural and relaxed as possible, we want your personalties to shine out in your photographs, so when your friends and family look at them they go, thats them two!! We’re all about capturing all the big emotions that you’re both feeling, in a way that reflects you as a couple, as naturally as possible. If you want some posing or formal we can do that as it’s your day your way. If you want to sneak off to a special place, we’re there; want to have a laugh, go for it; finding some gorgeous light, we’re here for it; want to keep it chill, we’ll come along for the photos!

Although our style is documentary, we also know group shots can be important for you or your loved ones, mantel place fillers!! We won’t try to tell you not to have them. We’ll work with you on what you want and who you want, giving bags of advice on how to get through them, while having some fun. Make them formal, not normal or even outrageous, its your day and your choice we want to be there to photograph for you! 

We’re there for you every step of the way, we love hearing your plans, seeing your Pinterest boards, helping out with advice if you need it, then on the day we’re there for you! To capture emotional, heartfelt images of your day from the vows, to the lovingly selected outfits and handmade touches; but most importantly, the laughs, the tears, and the love. 

Formal with fun confetti shot 

Mum and Bride smashing the dancing…

Formal yet fun bridesmaids and bride 

It’s all about the bride and the documentary shots of the preparation.