Hi we’re Karen and Lee, together we make Willo Photography

Okay, so you know we’re a husband and wife photography team, but you might want to know why we just love photographing all you lovely couples, families and friends and what we are all about. We won’t sit here and wax lyrical about how hip and edgy we are to try to impress you… we used to be Rock and Roll, now we spend our free time browsing IKEA storage solutions, watching films & listening to records. We’re still slightly Rock and Roll though, we like to think. What matters most though is that we’re both super-friendly, love a laugh, love weddings and love taking photographs.

But, we admit it does help for you to know a bit about us, so here goes:


One half of husband and wife photography team

Looks a bit like Barry Gibb and Jack Black’s lovechild.

Borderline obsessed with chicken wings.

Mummy’s boy.

Retired drummer and reformed wild-child.

100% guaranteed to charm the socks off your aunties at your wedding.

Has a really great beard which requires stroking at least 130 times per day.

Loves George Harrison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Plant and Shirley Bassey in equal measures.

Loves classic horror, Arnie films and rambling history documentaries.

Spends too much time watching ‘funny’ videos on YouTube.

Owns too many records.

Proudest Dad in the world to Little E, his little princess.


Other half of husband and wife photography team

Owner of blonde perma-fringe which hides a multitude of sins.

Borderline (no pun intended) obsessed for life with Madonna. 

Cat lady.

Books books books.

100% guaranteed to ugly cry at your wedding.

Backbone of the gay community (according to her friend Phil and you don’t argue with Phil)

Self confessed pop queen with a love of anything from 70’s disco, to 80’s synth & 90’s RnB. 

Loves slasher flicks, chick-flicks and old Hollywood.

Will have a go at making ANYTHING, then will probably Instagram it.

Mainly communicates through Mean Girls GIFs

Proudest Mum in the world to Little E, her tiny overlord.

That’s pretty much what makes us Willo Photography, in a nutshell. We’re all about peace, love and family, so wedding photography is pretty much our dream job.

You can find out more about our wedding story from Karen’s time as a Rock My Wedding Real Bride here, or if you want to know how we’ll approach your big day and getting to know you? Pop along and find out more here!