Hi we’re Lee and Karen, together we make Willo Photography

So you know we’re a husband and wife photography team, but you might want to know what we are all about too. We love getting to know our couples, and it makes us smile when we rock up on your wedding day to see loads of the same books on your shelves, stacks of vinyl or even that you have the same kettle as us. It could be just one little thing or a load of big things, but we know connection is important. If your guests see you having a laugh with us we will get the best out of them. 

We’re not here to convince you how edgy and alternative we are to try and impress you. We’re us and you are you! We used to be Rock and Roll, now we’re a little bit more sausage roll.  Parenting and Netflix are cool though… right?  

What matters most though is that we’re both super-friendly, love a laugh, love people, love weddings and love taking photographs, but it does help to know what makes us tick. We got married in 2013 and never fell out of love with weddings. Three years later, our lives got flipped turned upside down in the best possible way, as we became parents through adoption to our beautiful little E, who has grown into the most loving and feisty young lady in the world. Our spare time is usually spent as a family and seeing the world through her eyes.   

about Lee…

People Lee has been told he looks like in no particular order: A (slightly larger) Aquaman, Barry Gibb, Jack Black, Matt Berry, Al off The Hangover, Santa, Hagrid, Robert Baratheon. Owner of a really great beard which requires stroking at least 130 times a day. Borderline obsessed with chicken wings and gardening. A retired drummer and reformed wild-child who loves George Harrison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Plant and Shirley Bassey in equal measures. Obsessed with serial killers and Netflix documentaries about serial killers. Owns way too many records. 

Lee is 100% guaranteed to charm the socks off your aunties at your wedding.

about Karen…

Owner of a permanent mega-fringe which hides a multitude of sins. Formerly very very blonde, now very very brunette. LGBTQ+ Ally. Has been borderline (no pun intended) obsessed with Madonna since 1984 but has a huge affection for all forms of classic pop music and a not so secret love for 90’s RnB and show tunes. Massive bookworm. Cat lady and slave to Beans the ginger cat. Ravenclaw. House Lannister. Loves slasher flicks, chick-flicks and old Hollywood, and can hold entire conversations using only Mean Girls memes. Spends too much time on Instagram. 

Karen is 100% guaranteed to ugly cry at your wedding.

That’s pretty much what makes us Willo Photography, in a nutshell. We’re all about peace, love and family, so wedding photography is pretty much our dream job.